Non-Traditional Presentations and Food


This week we had several non-traditional presentations including:

  1. A presentation from Charlie Wisoff about his site which allows users to connect over their interests (hopefully games!).
  2. A remote presentation from Michael Deitcher (via Skype) about Maker Faire.  Michael also showed off the second AGDG baby!
  3. A demo Ian Burch’s latest version of Moonstrider, which will be on Steam Greenlight in two weeks!
  4. A demo from John Harger’s planet throwing game.
  5. A breakdown on Dot Hack from Ryan Leonski.

Also food was very graciously provided by Jared Tarbell from Anatolia Turkish Mediterranean Grill – super tasty, check it out if you get a chance (

We’ve also decided that there will be a chartering meeting for AGDG’s incorporation.  Rob Garner has volunteered to write our Bylaws and will be leading the chartering meeting.  The meeting time is TBA as Thursday is Ideum’s open house (5:30pm) – make sure you attend (