Bylaws, Budgets, and Demos, Oh My!


At tonight’s meeting we discussed the bylaws our chartering committee came up with last Thursday.  The plan is to vote on the bylaws on June 23rd, and, if they are ratified, we will have an election by June 30th for 7 board member positions, inlcuding three officers: Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Kicking off the night was a presentation by James Webb on what AGDG inc’s expenses and forms of revenue would be.

Following the Bylaws/Budget discussions several of our members gave demos including:

  1. Kurt Hollowell – Stellar (Made in Unity)
  2. Nathan Fabian – an inside look at his work on Torment Tides on Numenera (Made in Unity)
  3. Ian Burch – Moonstrider (Made in GameMaker)
  4. Nicholas Langdon (our youngest member!) – Dog Fight (Made in Scratch)


  1. WP_20150609_20_09_56_Pro WP_20150609_20_23_59_Pro