AGDG Meeting Notes – 2/2/2016

This was our first meeting at The Kosmos. Many of our members participated in the recent 2016 Global Game Jam, so we used this meeting to show what we made and discuss what we learned. Below is a list of the games shown.  More info about the game jam site can be found here. If you presented your game but it’s not listed below, please let me know.



The Scottish Play: Antony Michael, Cortney Baca, and their kids 


The Bloody Altars: Ian Burch, Aaron Varshay


Sega CD Resurrection Project: Hunter Pearson


Tetropocalypse: John Borden


Knit Warriors: Shandiin Woodward, Ryan Leonski, Greg Klein, Patricia Gillikin


Survival of the Piggest: Kurt Hollowell, John & Lizzie Harger, Aaron Gresham, Alan Canedo, Andres Canedo, Guillermo Canedo, Jon Whetzel, Austin Williams, Brooks Walch