ABQ Games Gallery

This gallery is a showcase of many of the games, concepts, and works in progress, either created by or worked on by people in Albuquerque or the surrounding area. If you are in the area and are working on (or have released) a game, and would like it in the gallery, please contact us!

Released Games

Status: Released
Local Developer: Albuquerque Game Developers Guild

Battle as the AttacKnight against the endless hordes of the Crystal Wizard and save the kingdom!  Made for the ScoreWars game jam to challenge arcade professional players by the Albuquerque Game Developers Guild.


Katastrogon 3D
Status: Released
Local Developer: SP Entertainment
Bounce beyond the norm in Katastrogon 3D, an electrifying Greek inspired 3D block breaker. Manipulate the Sphere and solve the puzzles in retro style, or earn elemental Power Ups and stack them to your advantage.


Sky Pets
Status: Released
Local Developer: Subliminal Gaming
Sky Pets is a high flying action arcade game that tasks you of making sure your pets don’t go splat. Tilt your phone to dive your adorable pets through hazardous skies to save the stars that fell from space. Each level tasks you to safely glide your pet during their descent whizzing past broken earth, angry weather, and crazy airplanes as you collect coins and diamonds. Let the Fur Fly in this high-flying action arcade game for mobile.


Status: Released
Local Developer: DogEatDog Games
Use your own music to influence this new puzzle game from DogEatDog Games! Sticky is a puzzle meets .mp3 player game where you can load .mp3 songs from your tablet or mobile device and jam along as your music drives the game. Or try the endless arcade mode and try to beat your high score. As you progress in the game you’re presented with faster and more difficult challenges that keep you on your toes. Sticky has a beautiful aesthetic and a range of difficulty settings that start at Chill and range up to Isane, Rowdy, and for the hardcore gamers Bleeding Eyes.

Torment: Tides of Numenara
Status: Released
Local Developer: Longshot Studios
Longshot Studios was contracted with inXile entertainment to help out with Torment: Tides of Numenera


Status: Released
Local Developer: lucentbeam
Welcome to Everdawn, a tiny island where the sun and moon have ceased to move through the sky. Explore it, learn its history, and unlock the secrets behind its strange curse.

Early Access

Longshot Universe
Status: Early Access
Local Developer: Longshot Studios
Longshot Universe is an intense action arena shooter where you pilot a variety of space ships to dogfight and shoot down the enemy before they shoot you down.



Stratus: Battle for the Sky
Status: Early Access
Local Developer: Longshot Studios
Stratus: Battle for the sky is a fast paced RTS game set in a fantasy world of warring priests seeking to gain favor of the fickle Gods.



Status: Early Access
Local Developer: DogEatDog Games
Vivo is a spherical space shooter. Shoot down your enemies and dodge bullets as they orbit around a musical star. Do your best to survive the chaos of this audio driven world.


Works in Progress


Dungeon Roller
Status: In Progress
Local Developer: Thunder Egg Concepts
The mystical crests of legend have been lost in the many dungeons across the land.

Navigate their mazes to return the crests to their former glory. Along the way, collect more treasure than any other adventurer or die trying.

Fennel Fox
Status: In Progress
Local Developer: Shandiin Woodward



Status: In Progress
Local Developer: John Harger



Super Tugboat
Status: In Progress
Local Developer: Team Tugboat
Life used to be simple for a tugboat captain. Pick up a garbage barge, haul it to the sun, get paid. These days, all that work goes to the moon catapults and there’s not enough junk left to make an honest living. And on top of that, now aliens are invading! Well, what was that saying about the lemons and the lemonade?

Untitled Space Game
Status: In Progress
Local Developer: Al Heck
This game is a single-player space shooter from the vein of the Starfox series. The player will fly along a pre-determined route and will engage in high-intensity, cinematic moments in space flight. There will be dogfighting through a roaming asteroid field, slicing through gigantic battle cruisers as they engage in a high-intensity battle, and an dramatic story with the war between the United Alliance and the Terran Nationals. Set to be released on Steam then other consoles.