Albuquerque Game Developers Guild (AGDG) promotes a community of collaboration in order to create and curate the future of game development in Albuquerque. Ours is a community of inclusivity and welcomes everyone interested in creating art, music, stories, and any other interactive game or experience design. To increase accessibility, community, and peer to peer support we pledge:

~ To provide a safe, inclusive, and inviting space for everyone who wishes to attend meetings, events, or workshops hosted by AGDG. These events are for anyone who seeks a place to create, teach, or collaborate within our community.

~ To provide access to resources that can be critical to many developers. This includes but is not limited to scholarship, mentorship, hardware, software, development kits, and presentation and collaboration equipment. Developers with few resources should have equal opportunity and the support necessary to bring their ideas to life.

~ To nurture the work of the local community through outreach, workshops, conference attendance, public events, and project promotion. AGDG will strive to create platforms to amplify the work and voices of the artists and developers in our community in a diverse and inclusive way.

Upcoming Events

Nothing from July 24, 2024 to August 7, 2024.

Meetups and Socials

Monthly meetups where members give demos and presentations of their work. We also provide opportunities for collaboration and networking.

Game Jams

We host two 48 hour game jams events a year, the Global Game Jam and the New Mexico Game Jam.


We host special workshops, tutorials, and events for both professional development and educational outreach.

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Latest News

Changing it up!

Starting in 2018, we’re getting a brand new monthly meeting structure. Our weekly schedule has started to feel a little too routine, so we’re shifting to make things more lively, […]

June 13, 2017

Ryan started with much hyping on E3, and went into introductions and announcements. Tonight’s demos included: John demoed his two-player pinball game, Pinball Clash Ediri showed off his mini game […]

May 30, 2017

We started off with the usual round of announcements, and went right into demos. First timer Allie demoed her student project, “Assimilation” made in Unity. Hannah showed off her art […]

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