Changing it up!

Starting in 2018, we’re getting a brand new monthly meeting structure. Our weekly schedule has started to feel a little too routine, so we’re shifting to make things more lively, social, and fun. Most importantly, every night is going to feel a little more special.

We’ll open each month with the first Tuesday as a general meeting. This will be similar to our previously routine meetings, but with shorter announcements, more tightly scheduled demos, and a heavy emphasis on “Free Play” mode, where members set up their games and have other members play test them. We’re planning to mix up the atmosphere to try to emphasize that last bit. After that, every month will be different! Some weeks will have events, some won’t. We’re also going to branch out from only meeting on Tuesday nights.

Here’s how we’re kicking off 2018:

Make sure to keep an eye on our calendar, here on the web page at We’re looking forward to seeing you in the new year!

*The GGJ page may not be up at the time of this posting… But keep checking back! It’ll be there soon 😉