May 9th, 2017

We started with announcements for the New Mexico Science Fiesta, happening May 20th. We also talked about Scratch Day, happening May 27th (more details to come), getting your game on the game gallery, and our first Dev and Brew get together!

Demos were

  • Kurt showed off his Vivo itch page, Mailchimp for contacting playtesters, his procedural music, submitting to IndieCade and his new tutorial system
  • Antony’s son Eon talked about his game One Picture that he made in Bloxels, in which the player takes control of a cat or small boy and blows up blocks and collects coins. He also demoed a special level where everything looked the same, but behaved differently, so that you had to use your wits to figure out what to climb and what to shoot, and finished up with a demo of Bloxel’s level editor.
  • Antony showed a demo of his Arcade Cabinet game, Dungeon Rollers where you plunder a dungeon, collecting shards and escaping with as much treasure as you can carry!
  • Ben showed off his in-progress Arcade Cabinet Game, Road to Mars, and his Ludum Dare 38 game, Planet Pinball!